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Hi, my name is Terri. I live in the cold part of Maine...Northern Maine that is. I am orginally from a little town in Maine called Vanceboro. I lived there for 20 years, then moved North. I currently work in Special Education at the local high school, and waitress part-time. I have two beautiful children, Brenton, who is 16, and Danielle who is 13. Was married for 12 years, been divorced for 6 years...In my spare time I love to ride my motorcycle..a Yamaha Virago. I love the outdoors, swimming, fishing, camping, gardening...anything outside!! My hobbies are of course #1...chatting and surfing the net. You'll find me in Hit The Beach, or in Powwow, and the cybershopclub. Please be patient...things will improve..*LOL*

Yesterday is a memory...Tomorrow is a dream...Today is the reality...Make the most of it...

This is a picture of my motorcycle I ride. Riding season is short here in the northern part of Maine but I sure do make the best of it.

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